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on how to hack i'm doing a little python program,and want to read/write files,and store them. what python package should i use? the python support in #python ok I'm trying to use Windows Subsystem for Linux to make a UEFI bootable USB. When I try, it doesn't recognize my.efi file on my USB key. It's a file copied from a Windows ISO. Do I need to do something with it in Windows to make it bootable? i'm having some trouble connecting to a wireless network via the gui, is there a way to stop it from trying to connect? LonelyDanbo: no need to reboot to run windows k1l, I just did. LonelyDanbo: no, that did not work. k1l, I'll give up then. :| I'm trying to set up a vpn server, following this guide: I get an error at the line "service openvpn start" Any ideas? help with installation of metasploit,finally got the base program working LonelyDanbo: as said before, the windows system doesnt really have support for booting in uefi mode. you need the windows iso and the uefi/bios tool to make that to work but when i run ruby msfconsole and load the module it gives ruby.rbenv: Incorrect specifier: `msfconsole' Failed to initialize context at C:/Users/Shantanu/workspace/metasploit/msf3 can someone help with this? LonelyDanbo: i had bad experiences with a file from windows too. even the windows cd itself did not work k1




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Kaspersky Internet Security Version 19.00.1088 Crack Keygen willlat
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